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Template documentation

This is the Renameuser2 template.

Do not use this template directly, use {{Renameuser}} instead.

Substituting {{Renameuser}} transcludes this template in order to keep the formatting consistant and the visible code to a minimum.


Usage for these templates is as follows.
For rename requests, use this:
{{subst:Renameuser|CURRENT NAME|TARGET NAME}}
For usurpation requests, use this:
For SUL requests, which leaves your logged in account untouched, use this:
To add a reason (compulsory for rename requests), use the reason parameter:
{{subst:(template)|TARGET NAME|reason=YOUR REASON}}
To add a confirmation link (compulsory for SUL requests), use the link parameter with a bare url without the squared brackets:
{{subst:(template)|TARGET NAME|link=CONFIRMATION LINK}}
To add an optional non default signature, use the sig parameter:
{{subst:(template)|TARGET NAME|sig=OPTIONAL SIGNATURE}}

Where (template) can represent: {{Renameuser}}, {{Usurp}} or {{SUL}}.

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