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Template documentation

Include this template on the talk page of any Schemas you create, and update it to reflect the status and usage of your schema.

This template categorizes the schema in a subcategory of Category:Schemas, according to status parameter and into the category Category:Schemas lacking a purge schedule.


status -- "in development", "active", or "inactive"
purge -- "none" or "Auto-purge after # days" or Special purge conditions. This field should be populated after discussing with data privacy stakeholders, see documentation. When using the default configuration, EventLogging data is automatically purged after 90 days. Warning: Changing the documentation here does not update the actual purging/preservation settings, this requires a patch to the whitelist.
contact -- linked <username>
project -- linked <page_name>
team -- <maintaining team> (do not link, used for categorization)
sampling -- sampling rate for this schema
userinput -- If defined: schema contains user-inputed textual data
 | status=active
 | purge=Auto-purge after 90 days
 | contact=Halfak (WMF)
 | team=Research
 | project=R:Wikipedia article creation
 | sampling=1:1
 | userinput=true
Maintainer:Halfak (WMF)
Project:R:Wikipedia article creation
Purge:Auto-purge after 90 days
Contains user-input text:Yes