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Include this template on the talk page of any Schemas you create, and update it to reflect the status and usage of your schema.

This template categorizes the schema in a subcategory of Category:Schemas, according to status parameter and into the category Category:Schemas lacking a purge schedule.


status -- "in development", "active", or "inactive"
purge -- "none" or "Auto-purge after # days" or Special purge conditions. This field should be populated after discussing with data privacy stakeholders, see documentation. When using the default configuration, EventLogging data is automatically purged after 90 days. Warning: Changing the documentation here does not update the actual purging/preservation settings, this requires a patch to the whitelist.
contact -- linked <username>
project -- linked <page_name>
team -- <maintaining team> (do not link, used for categorization)
sampling -- sampling rate for this schema
userinput -- If defined: schema contains user-inputed textual data
 | status=active
 | purge=Auto-purge after 90 days
 | contact=Halfak (WMF)
 | team=Research
 | project=R:Wikipedia article creation
 | sampling=1:1
 | userinput=true
J Train (1973-1979).svg
Maintainer:Halfak (WMF)
Project:R:Wikipedia article creation
Purge:Auto-purge after 90 days
Contains user-input text:Yes