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Shared IP addressShared IP address:

This IP address, IP address, is registered to {{{1}}} and may be shared by multiple users. If proxy server or firewalls are used, this IP address may represent many users at many personal computers or devices.

For this reason, a message intended for one user may be received by another, and a block intended for disruptive users may also affect innocent users. If you are editing from this address and are frustrated by irrelevant messages, you can avoid them by creating an account for yourself. Sometimes, in response to vandalism, you may be temporarily unable to create an account.

If you are autoblocked repeatedly, contact your ISP or network administrator and request it contact Wikimedia's XFF project about enabling XXF HTTP headers on its proxy servers so that blocks will affect only the intended user. Alternatively, you can list this IP address at WP WikiProject on XFFs.


Note: In the event of persistent vandalism from this IP address, anonymous editing may be disabled for up to 1 year at a time. Abuse reports may also be forwarded to your network administration for investigation.

Review contributions carefully if blocking this IP address or reverting its contributions. If a block is needed, Administrators should consider a soft block using Template:Anonblock.