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This template is primarily used on Meta process and policy pages to show the shortest alias of a given page.

For usage within other templates, no parameter results in no output.

The optional parameter is typically a link to a shortcut. For example, WM:DP redirects to Meta:Deletion policy, where the following code could be placed.


You may specify several shortcuts, with up to 5 parameters.


This behaviour is inconsistent with Wikipedia, which expects different parameter (you would use {{Shortcut|WM:DP}} on Wikipedia, and its local template would generate and format the link, instead of the code above where the parameter sometimes contains plain text without any link, or sometimes other formats for template shortcuts). An example is used to document historic/archived versions without linking them anywhere.



This template has its header name "Shortcut" or "Shortcuts" translated with the {{Shortcut caption}}. The colon, word separators (usually space) and list separator (usually a comma) are translated in {{colon}} and {{comma}}.

The language used is the these same language, that in the current page.

However, the floating side is dependent on the direction of the script used in the language of the current page content, and independent of the user's language.

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