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' (translate this)

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Snippets are short, general-purpose words or phrases that have been translated into many languages. These can be used in a wide variety of contexts to avoid redundant localization and improve accessibility. They are primarily intended for use in other templates.

Given the language code, they return either the translated text or the default English text with a link to translate it.

Current snippets[edit]

code output purpose
{{snippets/languages|en}} Languages Prefixes a list of languages spoken.
{{snippets/personal information|en}} Personal info Prefixes a personal statement (as in elections).
{{snippets/update needed|en}} update needed Requests an update (usually for translations).
{{snippets/view changes|en}} view changes Describes a diff link.

Language names[edit]

Deprecated. Use {{#language:xx|yy}} instead.

The following display the language name for the specified code in each language.

code output
{{snippets/lang af|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang ar|en}} الإنجليزية
{{snippets/lang br|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang ca|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang da|en}} engelsk
{{snippets/lang de|en}} Englisch
{{snippets/lang el|en}} Αγγλικά
{{snippets/lang en|en}} English
{{snippets/lang eo|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang es|en}} inglés
{{snippets/lang et|en}} ingliskeelsed
{{snippets/lang eu|en}} ingelesa
{{snippets/lang fa|en}} انگلیسی
{{snippets/lang fi|en}} englanninkielisiä
{{snippets/lang fo|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang fr|en}} anglais
{{snippets/lang ga|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang he|en}} אנגלית
{{snippets/lang hi|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang hy|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang ia|en}} anglese
{{snippets/lang is|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang it|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang ja|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang kk|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang ko|en}} 영어
{{snippets/lang la|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang mg|en}} anglisy
{{snippets/lang mt|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang pl|en}} angielskim
{{snippets/lang pt|en}} English (traduza isso)
{{snippets/lang qu|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang ru|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang sl|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang so|en}} Ingiriis
{{snippets/lang sq|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang sr|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang sv|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang tl|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang uk|en}} English (translate this)
{{snippets/lang zh|en}} 英语