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Template:Sr-elections 2009

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  • Languages: {{{languages}}}
  • Personal info: {{{en}}}
Template documentation

For translation help, see "Translation" below.


{{sr-confirm 2009
 <!-- list languages you speak here using our standard codes, including the numbers where not native -->
 |languages = en, fr-3, zh-2, etc-1

 <!-- add languages as you get translations. You do not need to start with english, or even have it listed at start, use your native language and seek translation. To add new languages, see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Template:Sr-confirm_2009 . -->
 |en = statement here
 |ar = 
 |ca =
 |de = 
 |es = 
 |fr =
 |gl = 
 |gsw = 
 |he =
 |id = 
 |it = 
 |ja = 
 |ko = 
 |nl = 
 |oc =
 |pl =
 |pt = 
 |vi =
 |zh = 
 |zh-hans = 
 |zh-hant =
 |zh-classical =


Candidate statements[edit]

If your language code is listed under "Usage" above, you can translate right now by editing the statement pages. If it is not listed, add it by editing this template or request it be added.

  • "personal info" section: find the line with your language code like this: " |ja = " (add it in alphabetical order if it is not there). Write your translation to the right side of the equals symbol, like this:
    {{sr-elections 2009
     |en = statement here
     |ja = translation into Japanese here
  • "languages" section: this usually doesn't need to be translated, because language codes are multilingual. For special cases (such as non-Latin scripts), translate it by adding a "language-code" parameter like this:
    {{sr-elections 2009
     |languages    = '''hu''', en-3, de-0.5
     |languages-ko = 헝가리어가 모국어, 영어-고급 수준, 독일어-아주 조금


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