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This template can be used to respond to indicate the status of something by choosing among a number of image/text combinations. It also includes an optional plaintext parameter that, if present, will be appended to the rest of the template. This is useful for adding explanatory comments, relevant dates, etc.

Proper usage:

  • One parameter:{{Status3|not done}} produces
Not done
  • Two parameter:{{Status3|not done|Oops, I forgot!}} produces
Not done Oops, I forgot!

Result Shorthand Longhand/alternate
Done {{Status3|d}} {{Status3|done}}
With second parameter: Done That was easy!
Not done {{Status3|nd}} {{Status3|not done}}
Resolved {{Status3|r}} {{Status3|resolved}}
In progress… {{Status3|ip}} {{Status3|in progress}}
⚠ Time sensitive {{Status3|ts}} {{Status3|time sensitive}}
Not applicable {{Status3|na}} {{Status3|not applicable}}
 Declined {{Status3|dec}} {{Status3|declined}}
 Working {{Status3|w}} {{Status3|working}}
 On hold {{Status3|h}} {{Status3|on hold}}
Pending {{Status3|p}} {{Status3|pending}}
Done {{Status3|d}} {{Status3|doing}}
semi-done {{Status3|sd}} {{Status3|semi-done}}
No action none {{Status3|no action}}
Thumbs-up {{Status3|l}} {{Status3|like}}
Thumbs-up none {{Status3|thumbs-up}}
 Redflag {{Status3|red}} {{Status3|red flag}} or {{Status3|redflag}}
Facepalm {{Status3|face}} {{Status3|facepalm}}
😍 Love none {{Status3|love}}
😟 Yikes! none {{Status3|yikes}}
😡 Grrr none {{Status3|rage}} or {{Status3|angry}}
😱 Oh no! none {{Status3|oh no}} or {{Status3|ohno}}
👎 Thumbs-down none {{Status3|thumbs down}}
👎 Thumbs-down none {{Status3|dislike}}
👏 Thunderous applause none {{Status3|applause}} or {{Status3|clap}}
🐈 Here, have a kitty none {{Status3|kitty}} or {{Status3|cat}}
🎻 World's tiniest violin none {{Status3|violin}}
🎉 Hooray! none {{Status3|hooray}} or {{Status3|yay}} or {{Status3|huzzah}}
📆 Due date {{Status3|due}} {{Status3|deadline}} or {{Status3|due date}}
Note that, unlike with other statuses included here, a second parameter used with this status will display as a bolded part of the status.
For instance, 📆 Due date tomorrow or 📆 Due date 7/25
📌 Pinned none {{Status3|pinned}} or {{Status3|tack}}
⁉ Whaaaat?! none {{Status3|interrobang}}
⁉ Oh shit! {{Status3|shit}} {{Status3|oh shit}}

If the parameter passed does not match any of the above, it will be shown as raw text. You will still need to sign comments left using this template.

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