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This page discusses about what the Stub Template is.

This page experimentally allows language localisation.

What the Stub Template is[edit]

This template is the template that is used to mark pages that do not contain very much information, like just saying the year a building was built.

This often is referred to as a stub and should be marked as one.


Saving the page you are editing after typing {{stub}} produces a message similar to the one shown at the top of the page. Also, the page will automatically move to the following category: Category:Stubs

Description of the Stub Template for if you find a section of an article that is a stub[edit]

Typing {{stub}} in a section of an article produces a message saying that the section of the article marked is a stub.

Here is an example.

This section is a stub. You can help Meta by expanding it.

This only works properly on some Wikimedia projects, as adding the template to a section of an article here on Meta produces the message shown at the top instead of a message saying that the section is a stub.

Other types of Stub Templates[edit]

See this page on Wikipedia for this information.