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Copy paste using the CTRL button after clicking on the left mouth button in this box. CTRL + C enable copying, and CTRL + V pasting.
  • id - number of tabs: 1 - 10 (must be imputed)
  • nameX- Tab name (X between 1 and 10).
  • infoX- Tab info (X between 1 and 10).
  • default- default tab displayed. If none is chosen, 1 is default.
  • alternative- Alternative page to be displayed for browsers which does not support JV or in cases JS is inacative.
  • allign - alignment of tabs: center, left or right. If none is chosen - "center" is the default.
  • width - Table width in percentage (%) or Pixles (px). If notne is chosen, 90% is the default.
  • border - Border Colour, if none is chosen, default is #45A22F.
  • backround - Background Colour, if none is chosen, default is #DEFED6.