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Template:Translation category

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This category contains all translations of pages categorized in Category:CfF Community Board Seats.

About CfF Community Board Seats category:

Pages related to the 2021 call for feedback about community seats in the Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation.

Template documentation


Should be included alone on /Translations subpage of each translatable category.

If Category:Foo has been internationalized with Translate syntax, Category:Foo/Translations should only contain {{Translation category}}.


Placed at Category:Foo/Translations, this template will:

  • Display a language bar to navigate to translations (Category:Foo/en, Category:Foo/pt, …).
  • Display Category:Foo description.
  • Categorize inside /Translations subcategory of each category in which Category:Foo is categorized (i.e. if Category:Foo is categorized in Category:Bar, Category:Foo/Translations will be categorized in Category:Bar/Translations).
  • Categorize inside Category:Foo, indexed as “/Translations” ([[Category:Foo|/Translations]]}}).