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  • If this request is declined, it should be replaced with: {{unblock declined|1=reason for request|2=decline reason ~~~~}}
  • If this request is granted, it should be replaced with: {{unblock granted|1=reason for request|2=unblock reason ~~~~}}
  • Do not unblock users without consulting with the administrator who placed the block, except in obvious, uncontroversial cases. Blocks marked as {{checkuserblock}} will be reviewed by a CheckUser.

This puts the page in Category:Reviewed requests for unblock.

Older requests can be removed from the category by adding a blank category override ({{unblock declined|foo|bar|category=}}).

If your reason for declining does not show up, it means your signature is breaking it. Use {{unblock reviewed|reason for request|2=reason for declining ~~~~}} in such cases.


If you want to create a new language version of this template, please create a new sub-page and paste the following, then translate the text bits:

{{Unblock declined/layout
 | lang = en
 | title = Unblock request declined
 | requestReasonLabel = '''Request''' reason
 | requestReason = {{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{{1|}}}|'''''No reason given.'''''}}
 | replyReasonLabel = '''Decline''' reason
 | replyReason = {{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{2|}}}|'''''No reason given.'''''}}
 | text = This blocked user has had his or her unblock request reviewed by one or more [[Special:MyLanguage/Meta:Administrators|administrators]], who has/have reviewed and '''declined''' this request.<br /> Other administrators can also review this block, but should not override the decision without good reason.<br /> <strong style="color:#F00;text-transform:uppercase">''Do not remove this unblock review while you are blocked.''</strong>
 | adminText = Administrators: This template should be removed when the block has expired. 
}}<noinclude>{{translated tag|Unblock declined}}</noinclude>

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