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{{UserSummary|Example}} produces:

Link labels explained

  • link to userpage
  • link to talk page
    • incoming links for the talk page
  • contribs/deleted contribs
  • The user's log entries (ie stuff they did)
  • Log entries for the user (ie stuff done to them)
    • Note that the arrows there indicate which way the action happened. the left-pointing arrow shows that the user did some action to the logs, and that's what you see when clicking on the left one :)
  • search will do a Google search for the username
Same links as above, but for enwiki instead of Commons
  • Google searches for the username
  • →links← shows incoming links to the users' talk page on Meta
    • the template has a link to it hidden with style=display:none;, so in effect this tracks where {{usersummary|user}} has been mentioned
  • Luxo's is the global contribs tool (also lists blocks)
    • Note: this tool lists no more than 20 contributions per project
  • sulinfo lists all wikis with a user, including SUL status, local/global user groups, edit counts and links to their user page
  • crossblock lists blocks on all wikis
  • COIBot links to the COIBot user-report (if generated - must be commanded to do so in IRC)

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