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Template:User from WMF project

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This template is for users from other WMF projects if they don't have a SUL unified account, when introducing themselves on a talk page. This may be useful for situations where users from other WMF projects may not have an account registered here on Meta, or they may be using a different username here.


Parameter Scope Description
{{{1}}} or user
required The name of the user account on the other WMF project. It must be typed exactly as it is on the other site.
{{{2}}} or project
required The name of the WMF project where the user account can be found. Some common abbreviations are available. For example, wp, enwp, en.wp, wikipedia, news, wikinews, source, wikisource... etc.
optional The size of the icon to be displayed, defaults to 18px.


Unnamed params[edit]

{{User from WMF project|Example|wikipedia}}

Wikipedia I'm Example from the wikipedia project.

Named params[edit]

{{User from WMF project|user=Example|project=wikinews|size=24px}}

Wikinews I'm Example from the wikinews project.