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Template:User proud

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This template creates a userbox that indicates that you take pride in your national or regional citizenship.



To use this userbox template, place the following line of Wikitext on your user page:

{{User proud|region}}


  • region is the required name or ISO 3166 region code of a nation, state, province, territory, or district.
See Category:Multiuse regional user templates for currently available region names and codes.

This template adds your user page to the approriate regional identity category. A nocat=true parameter may be used to inhibit category declaration.


Wiki markup Userbox Category
{{User proud|Australia}} Template:User in AU Category:Australian Wikipedians
{{User proud|BS}} Template:User in BS Category:Bahamian Wikipedians
{{User proud|US-CA}} Template:User in US-CA Category:American Wikipedians
{{User proud|Kenya}} Template:User in Kenya Category:Kenyan Wikipedians
{{User proud|NZ}} Template:User in NZ Category:New Zealand Wikipedians
{{User proud|Scotland}} Template:User in Scotland Category:Scottish Wikipedians

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