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Organizing team Name:
Participating organizations {{{Organization}}}
Location {{{Venue}}} {{{City}}} {{{Country}}}
Target group {{{Target group}}}
Activities {{{Activities}}}
Europeana Challenge {{{Europeana Challenge}}}
Budget {{{Budget}}}
Number of attendees {{{Attendees}}}
File usage {{{File usage}}}
Media {{{Media}}}
Lessons learned

Explanation of parameters

{{WWI edit-a-thons
|Event = Name of edit-a-thon (OBS: already filled out with WWI!)
|Person = Who's organizing it. You can add the real name, or user name, or both. 
|Email = The organizer's email. (If you are open with it).
|Person2 = If there is a team organizing it please also add the other people. Not visible if left blank. (Up to four people can be added).
|Email2 = The second organizer's email. Not visible if left blank. (Up to four emails can be added).
|Organization = Organizations involved in the event (E.g. chapter(s)? GLAMs? Educational institutions?)
|Organization2 = If more than one organization was involved. Not visible if left blank. (Up to four organizations can be added).
|Venue = The place where the event will take place.
|City = The city where the event will take place.
|Country = The country where the event will take place.
|Target group = Who have you targeted and why (E.g. students? GLAM professionals? Experienced Wikipedians?)
|Activities = What you did during the day (any tours, food, mingle, photo safari etc.)
|Europeana Challenge = Did you take part in the Europeana Challenge? 
|Budget = How much did you spend on this? What was the major costs?
|Attendees = The number of people taking part in the event (online and offline)
|File usage = How many Europeana files where used during the event?
|Media = Media coverage for the event (we need to report that – so please list them!).
|Lessons learned = Things you learned during the edit-a-thon that you would like to share.

Empty version for copy-paste:

{{WWI edit-a-thons |Event = WWI 2014
|Person =
|Email = 
|Person2 =
|Email2 = 
|Person3 =
|Email3 = 
|Person4 =
|Email4 = 
|Organization = 
|Organization2 = 
|Organization3 =
|Organization4 =
|Venue = 
|City = 
|Country = 
|Target group =
|Activities =
|Europeana Challenge = 
|Budget = 
|Attendees = 
|File usage = 
|Media = 
|Lessons learned =