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Outputs a link target toward a local-language Wikipedia page from a Wikidata entity. Interface language is used as local language. If the Wikipedia in local language does not have this article, it will try to fallback to English, French then German Wikipedia.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Élément Wikidata1

Identifiant de la forme Qxxx (xxx étant des chiffres) désignant un élément sur Wikidata.




[[{{wd|Q42}}|Douglas Adams]] will output Douglas Adams. This link should send the user to their own language edition of Wikipedia.

It is often used in combination with <tvar> markup, for example [[<tvar name="1">{{wd|Q42}}</tvar>|Douglas Adams]].

See also

  • {{lwp}}: same behavior, but gets a Wikipedia article title as input, instead of Wikidata element Id.
  • {{label}}: gets the localized label of a Wikidata item.
  • {{Wda}}: gets any property and value from Wikidata through complex request.
  • {{wq}}: gets a Wikipedia link from a Wikidata ID.