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Axe 1: Partnerships and Content improvement
Indicator 2018/19 Target Explanation
Participants 8,075 This includes participants in the GLAM Projects but above all those in the photographic competitions and users of tools like Ma Commune Wikipedia and Lingua Libre, which will be entering an operational phase involving a great deal of communication and workshops organised around them.
Newly registered editors 500 Lingua Libre and the photographic competitions should generate most of the new accounts registered.
Pages added/improved 94,600 This includes the files uploaded from the photographic competition but also those regularly uploaded by members supported by Wikimedia France throughout the year, combined with the uploading of audio clips produced during the recording workshops with Lingua Libre.
Volunteer hours 1,745 We have included participation in working meetings, activities carried out within GLAM partner organisations and the time required for a photo competition jury.
Partners satisfaction 85% This result will be collected by means of an annual survey sent out to all partners having supported a contribution-related activity during the year.
Images/media added to Commons 90,600 Wikimedia Commons will be one of the main beneficiaries of the actions carried out in this area.
% uploaded media used in content pages 50% Among the GLAM activities, the photo competitions, Lingua Libre and Ma Commune Wikipedia, we have set a target of 50% of files reused in other Wikimedia projects.
Leading volunteers (WLM+WLE) 11 Here, we take account of people involved in the organisation of the competition, the selection of photos and participation in the jury’s decisions
Numbers of visitors/users of Ma Commune Wikipedia 5,000 We would like to measure the usage level of Ma Commune Wikipedia. With targeted communication aimed at local authorities, we hope to increase the use of Ma Commune Wikipedia as a gateway into contributing.
Numbers of visitors/users of Lingua Libre 2,000 This will concern everyone using Lingua Libre at least once during the year in France. Specific statistics concerning its use globally will be introduced during the year.
Numbers of recording session with Lingua Libre 10 Wikimédia France has committed to organising 10 recording workshops in various languages on its premises.
Number of photo accreditation granted 10
Leading GLAM partners of WMFr 5 We currently have three partners involved as ambassadors for the movement. We would like to see two other partners take on this role during the next financial year.
Contributing activities organized within a GLAM partnership 24 We aim to continue the process underway for the last two years by focusing on the diversity of the types of actions performed. For example, being more of a means than an end, the edit-a-thon model is showing its limits in terms of getting partners involved and guaranteeing long-term collaborations.