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Template documentation

This is an auxiliary template of the expansion demo templates, see Help:Expansion demo templates and Template:Xpda. It is called by Template:Xpda. For every piece of wikitext, this template Xpd/w is used to display it, as part of the demo. The piece of wikitext is surrounded by nowiki-tags with {{#tag:nowiki|{{{1}}}}}, to show it without alteration (avoiding code for bold, italics, links etc. to be interpreted), even after concatenation of the result with the results of applying the template to other pieces. For this purpose the user of the expansion demo template has to split up the wikitext appropriately.

Newlines and various special codes such as "*", ":", and "#" are treated separately.

Examples (see the "Result" in the linked ExpandTemplates page):

  • "{{xpd/w|abc}}" → "abc" [1]
  • "{{xpd/w|'''}}" → "'''" [2]
  • "{{xpd/w|[}}" → "[" [3]