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Template documentation

The template has two parameters:

  • the template, or the parser function with colon and part after the colon
  • one (additional) parameter

It is a simplified version of Template:Xpdop3c, without any wikitext outside the braces, and with only one parameter to specify the (additional) parameter of the specified template parser function, see Help:Expansion_demo_templates#Limitations.


"{{t1|pqr}}" gives "start-pqr-end" [1]

"{{#ifexpr:2<3|pqr}}" gives "pqr" [2]

"{{3x|p q}}" gives "p



q" [3]

Named parameters


Named parameters are not supported. Neither are equals signs in parameter values.

{{xpd1|t np|q=s}} gives: "{{t np|{{{2}}}}}" gives "p{{{q}}}r" [4] ("q=s" is ignored)

{{xpd1|t np|2=q=s}} gives: "{{t np|q=s}}" gives "p{{{q}}}r" [5] (wrong result)


  • {{t np|1=q=s}} gives p{{{q}}}r [6]
  • {{t np|q=s}} gives psr [7]

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