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{{array1440|array1440 data demo|04:58}} gives two minutes to five

{{array1440|array1440 data demo|15:12}} gives CAC7A8

{{array1440|array1440 data demo|{{CURRENTTIME}}}} corresponds to {{array1440|array1440 data demo|16:38}} which gives 1CF80A

{{array1440|city array demo|00:00}} gives

{{array1440|city array demo|00:01}} gives Amsterdam

{{array1440|city array demo|00:02}} gives Rotterdam

{{array1440|city array demo|00:03}} gives The Hague

{{array1440|city array demo|00:04}} gives

{{array1440|city array demo|25:04}} gives

{{array60|city array demo|00}} gives

{{array60|city array demo|01}} gives Amsterdam

{{array60|city array demo|02}} gives Rotterdam

{{array60|city array demo|03}} gives The Hague

{{array60|city array demo|04}} gives

{{array60|city array demo|2583}} gives

{{array60|city array demo|1}} gives

{{array60|month array demo|1}} gives January