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LangSelect vs. LangSwitch[edit]

This template used to use LangSwitch, which shows only the message in your interface language, thereby making it for users who have set another language than English and if the statements are not fully translated, complicated to find.

I went ahead and changed it to a LangSelect, which allows you to select a language in the dropdown menu, including the option to "View all". However, since the template includes a pretranslated message, it will now show the whole list of languages even if the statements have not been translated to those languages, showing:


Dillər: pl, en-3, fr-2 Şəxsi informasiya: {{{az}}}

I think the solution is to separate the statements from the language information, removing the "Personal information" phrase, and including the statements in a LangSelect, while moving the "Languages: pl, en-3, fr-2" part to a LangSwitch. I partly replaced the LangSelect in {{Steward election status}} with a LangSwitch, since that is widely translated and preferably in the interface language of the reader, while we can't guarantee statements in all the languages. Savhñ 17:11, 20 January 2015 (UTC)