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This template contains a link of the form

[http://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title={{{1}}} +]

giving +, for all Wikimedia projects.

Examples of usage:

  • {{Table of Wikimedia projects|}}
  • {{Table of Wikimedia projects|1=Special:Allpages&from=&namespace=10}}
  • {{Table of Wikimedia projects|Special:Recentchanges}}


"1=" is needed in front of a parameter value when it contains an equals sign.

Project-independent namespace names should be used, they are automatically converted at the target project:

  • Media
  • Special
  • Talk
  • User
  • User talk
  • Project
  • Project talk
  • Image
  • Image talk
  • MediaWiki
  • MediaWiki talk
  • Template
  • Template talk
  • Help
  • Help talk
  • Category
  • Category talk

Other keywords such as "Recentchanges", "Statistics", "action", "edit", etc. are not localized, hence conversion is not applicable.

Note: fullurl could be used.


There is something wrong with the JS sorting.--Patrick 01:24, 2 March 2007 (UTC)