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This is an overview of 16 and 32 port terminal servers found at places on the internet. Prices here should only be a guide, as we would need to get a quote from them.

32 port[edit]

Company Cost Cost per cable Website Notes
Cyclades ~USD$2,800   [1], [2]  
DTR - Digi Portserver CM     [3] bottom of site
Logical Solutions USD$1,995   [4] appears to be identical to Ram Electronics
Ram Electronics: Sentinel USD$3,495 n.a. [5]  
Sena Electronics unknown n.a. [6]  
Lantronix ~USD$1,500 USD 18.32 [7]  
Zantech   call for quote [8] Australian

(Note: For any RJ45 based terminal server, adapters can be built for ~3-5$US each. One used be able to find the RJ45/DB9 adpaters at Radio Shack, but they don't list them in the online catalog anymore. - jfb)