The Advanced Wikipedian

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The Advanced Wikipedian meditating on the true meaning of NPOV
The Advanced Wikipedian doesn't read the Main Page.
Instead he inhabits his own watchlist,
He scours the Recent Changes.
He knows today's featured article because it
is flagged by an unusual amount of reverting.

The Advanced Wikipedian senses the edits he can trust,
A recognised user ID,
a credible edit summary
but an anon IP always merits some attention.

The Advanced Wikipedian knows not to feed the trolls,
looks for the hidden agenda in the latest voting,
double checks an edit that just changes a date by one,
and searches for independent, corroborating references.

The Advanced Wikipedian spots battles he can't be bothered to fight
and lets them pass like raindrops,
knowing that controversies come and go
but the Wiki remains.