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  1. We are one Wikipedia.
  2. Our goal is to build a complete, free encyclopedia.
  3. We have infinite resources and plenty of time.
  4. If we don't help each other, we will fail.

Good idea: test the PHP script

Bad idea: balkanize discussion.

One hopes enlightenment will come before total darkness falls.

12 November: too bad. I would have very much liked to build the entry on the plane crash. Oh well.

29 November: Good idea: Have policy pages as part of Wikipedia.

Bad idea: Military-analogy policies.

17 December: Good idea: be relativist about religion

Bad idea: In fit of political correctness, change all instances of "X mythology" to "stories of X religion".

10 January: Good idea: Only permanently and irrevocably delete pages that have no historical use or future use.

Bad idea: Delete a list of such entries which someone else put on meta-wikipedia.

17 January: Good idea: let people discuss merits of Wikipedia policy using the Wiki collaborative process.

Bad idea: Force attribution of authorship to every paragraph.

11 October: Good idea: harmonize interlanguage efforts.

Bad idea: make stabs at political correctness without a clear understanding of the consequences.

3 July: Bad idea: amateurish pastel boxes on homepage.