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In August 2019, Wikimedia Sverige (Sweden) and the Wikimedia Foundation launched The Equal Edit to help change the unbalanced gender representation on Wikipedia. Powered by volunteer Wikipedia editors, the initiative aims to update articles about Sweden’s history and highlight important women that have been omitted from Swedish history.


  1. Update articles about Sweden’s history
  2. Highlight important women that have been omitted from Swedish history

"The Equal Edit" builds on the theme of this year’s Wikimania, "Stronger Together: Wikimedia, free knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals". This theme was chosen to highlight the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and invite the nearly one thousand attendees to reflect on how Wikimedia and the free knowledge movement can address some of the world’s most challenging problems. "The Equal Edit" is one example of how free knowledge projects like Wikipedia can drive lasting change on key issues like gender equality.

Getting involved[edit]

Wikimania panel[edit]

Join us for a panel discussion on gender diversity at Wikimania 2019 on Saturday 17 August 2019. Check out the Wikimania 2019 Wiki for more information.

Social media toolkit[edit]

Coming soon.


Launches: Monday 12 August 2019 AND Saturday 14:45-15:30