The Ghana Polls 2020

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The Ghana Polls 2020 The Ghana Polls 2020

The Ghana Polls is a campaign organized by Open Foundation West Africa targeted at educating the Ghanaian people about the need to exercise their constitutional right. More importantly, it is aimed at encouraging peaceful elections for the 2020 electioneering process. Ultimately, it is a campaign to increase Ghana’s visibility on Wikipedia and the web at large by curating and creating content about Ghana’s election process and the key actors involved. Anyone can contribute to this project by sharing content using the hash tag #TheGhanaPolls2020. Understanding the need for peace before, during and after elections, we have rolled out a campaign to admonish the Ghanaian populace to keep the peace.

Project Scope

Elections in Ghana are conducted on the national level- the President, and legislature. The term of office for the President and the 275 Members of Parliament, is four years. The Presidential election is won by having more than 50% of valid votes cast, whilst the parliamentary elections is won by simple majority. As Ghana approaches another historic crossroads of the polls, #TheGhanaPolls2020 seeks to update the Wikipedia pages of persons, groups, topics, events, ideas and places that matter to the polls. This page seeks to table enough content that will aid in improving the visibility of Ghana's 2020 elections on the Web. In view of this we have categorized activities around the into 3 participatory buckets below:

How Can I Participate?

Improve Article Pages

You can participate in the project from where ever you are in the world! You can help us already by improving article pages related to the elections. Click on the article list to help us keep the following pages updated and well curated for the millions of users of Wikipedia!


You can help us by joining or following the discussion or updates on social media via the hashtag #TheGhanaPolls2020.

  • Share our campaign videos
  • Share a post, comment or start a discussion on social media using the hashtag #TheGhanaPolls2020
  • Send or tag us in videos or photos of occurrences across the country.

The Ghana Polls Peace Campaign

True to our nature as advocates, we are calling on every Ghanaian to keep the peace. With a volatile political atmosphere as it stands, It is not enough to only care about yourself. At OFWA we believe in causes that support the broader vision of equal rights, justice, transparency and security. Our understanding of the dynamic political scenes in the lead up to the polls has necessitated this campaign, to maintain and extend the peace we enjoy as Ghanaians, even beyond the elections.