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The WikiVibrance African Youth Month aims to recognize and commemorate the African Youth Month (AYM) 2021 in the Wikimedia movement by working with Wikimedia communities in Africa to engage their young people in a series of events that will require them to build their capacity and improve content related to the 4E's of the AYM namely Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement. It will also share how the movement, people, and work have contributed to the 4E's in Africa.


African Wikimedia communities have volunteered their time and energy over the years to grow the corpus of African knowledge on the internet leveraging Wikimedia projects that are accessed by over one (1) billion devices each month.

These efforts by the African Wikimedian community are not only to grow the corpus of African knowledge on the internet but also to build the capacity of Africans to contribute knowledge and change the African narrative to the rest of the world.

Each year, the African Wikimedian community comes together at Wiki Indaba, the annual conference of African Wikimedians, to explore ways they can advance their work and celebrate the amazing African humans contributing knowledge.

This year, Wiki Indaba coincides with the African Youth Month 2021 (AYM 2021) in November 2021. Aligned with the objectives of AYM 2021, the Wikimedia Community Usergroup in Uganda and the WikiVibrance project is proposing a series of events during the month of November to celebrate the efforts of African Wikimedians leveraging the opportunities created under AYM 2021.

Project Goals[edit]

  • Recognize the African Youth Month (AYM) through community engagement geared towards improving content related to Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Engagement.
  • Improve the capacity of young African Wikimedians in growing African knowledge on wikimedia projects.
  • To amplify the Agenda 2063 goals, the four (4) E’s (Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement) of the AU Youth division and identify opportunities for the African community to participate in initiatives of the AU.

Organizing Team[edit]

  • Rudolph
  • Euphemia
  • Douglas
  • Rebecca
  • Jonathan
  • Eben
  • Winnie
  • Faith

Contact details:[edit]

  • wikivibrance(_AT_)

Project Plan[edit]

The plan is to use Wiki Indaba as a platform to announce this initiative and invite members of the African Wikimedia communities to serve as mentors for mentees. These mentors will work with the mentees in improving their wiki skills and producing wikipedia articles, wikidata items, or Wikicommons content pages, as proof of the acquired skills. A pool of these interested Youth Wikimedians will be engaged to collaborate with the African Union and the Wikimedia movement, including the Wikimedia Foundation to create sustainable Youth programmes for the Movement.

Kickoff meeting[edit]

Country activities[edit]

Activities in Ghana[edit]

  • Ghana- We will focus on all the 4Es Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement. Also, in our bid to promote local content on Wikipedia, three newbies will solely write their articles in local languages.
Date Activity Description
11th to 18th December, 2021 Introduction of project to prospective mentors and mentees Reaching out to ensure their involvement, onboard them into a WhatsApp group.
17th January 2022 First virtual meeting with both mentors and mentees Ensuring they understand the project, sign on to the dashboard, creating an article list work sheet
3rd February,2022 Second virtual meeting Informing them of the timelines and the days available for meetups
7th February to 12th February,2022 Program begins Office made available for mentors and mentees to partake in the project
  • Mentors and Mentees
No. Mentors Mentees
1 Kweku Berko Jane
2 Jesse Akrofi Nii
3 Faisal Ali Abdul Aziz
4 Stephen Dakyi Enoch
5 Otuo Sympathy
6 Kobby Nukunu

Activities in Kenya[edit]

  • Kenya - Kenya will focus on Employment and Education, aiming to engage with a total of 10 participants. The country will host editathons in line with these two themes and aim to partner with KYEOP (Kenya Youth Employment & Opportunities Project) to further achieve the goals of the campaign.

Activities in Nigeria[edit]

In line with the program's 4E's, we will focus on contents primarily related to Education, with a mix of employment, entrepreneurship and engagement. This will ensure we have a wide list of proposed articles to work on, paying attention to those who meet the notability criteria. In creating articles, focus will be on English Wikipedia and the local wikis (Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo). The community organizers will work with mentors and mentees from the wikimedia Usergroup Nigeria. 5 mentors will be selected by recommendation based on the level of their community experience and willingness to participate in the project. Also, a call for mentees will be made in the community and through the mentors to reach out to people who are in need of the offered mentorship.

There will be online activities and in-person where necessary and we will end the program with a virtual event to recognize and celebrate the progress made.

Date Activity Description
30th November- 8th December 2021 Mapping of potential mentors Draw up a list of recommended mentors, reach out to them to confirm interest and participation, and onboard them into a WhatsApp group.
9th December 2021 Meeting with selected mentors Meet with selected mentors to brief them on project objectives, activities, timelines, goals and areas of focus.
10th - 13th December 2021 Identifying mentees Make a call for application, select mentees, and assign them to mentors.
13th - 15th December 2021 Mentors connect with Mentees Mentors reach out to mentees, create individual WhatsApp groups and onboard mentees
16th December 2021 Program start Mentors commence sessions with Mentees based on agreed convenient time and date weekly
9th January 2022 Mid program review meeting Meet with mentors and mentees to share updates, progress, challenges and recommendations.
  • Mentors and Mentees
No. Mentors Mentees
1 Anass Adam
2 Bolaji Alabi
3 Ismail Atiba
4 Medi Ashioma
5 James Popoola

Activities in Tanzania[edit]

These activities will involve the collaboration between the Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania and the Wikimedia Communty of Arusha. These communities will focus on all the 4Es Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement.

Activities in Uganda[edit]

  • Activities will involve an interaction between some of the Core members of the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda, and volunteers in Kampala (Uganda) who have been identified through active participation in various Usergroup programs like Education, GLAM, Photographic competitions, as well as Diversity and content Generation.
  • We intend to focus on all the 4Es - Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Engagement and also encourage participants (mentors and mentees) to not only focus on technical Wikimedia Projects, but also soft skills like how to create a talk page, which channels of communication can be used for Wikimedians, a general understanding of the Wikimedia Movement, and how one can get involved.
  • We will also have a language focus on mentorship in editing the Luganda Wikipedia.
Date Activity Description
24 - 29 January 2022 Identification of participants Identify active participants and partners for WikiVibrance in Uganda
5 February 2022 WikiVibrance in Uganda Opening Ceremony Activity for mentors and mentees to meet in-person; brief participants on what the project is, themes, areas of focus and expectations; Conduct the first training
WikiVibrance check-in Virtual event for all participants as a progress call
5 March 2022 WikiVibrance in Uganda Closing Ceremony In-person event for mentors and mentees to meet and share experiences; Organisers to share prizes with the participants

We will host 2 in-person events (opening and closing ceremony)

No. Mentors Mentees
1 Sandra Aceng Shafik Mubiru
2 Micheal Kaluba Titus Ngabirano
3 Douglas Erunayo Alvin Ategyeka
4 Alice Kibombo Sheila Nakazibwe
5 Wilson Ssemmanda Harriet Nambooze

Activities in Rwanda[edit]

Proposed activities
Activity Description Date
Identifying mentors and mentees (Virtual) 6th-7th.December.2021
Opening ceremony (Physical) Launching the project and conducting the first training 15th.December.2021
Follow-up event (Virtual) All mentors & mentees will meet virtually to evaluate the progress 16th.December.2021
Closing ceremony (Physical) Awarding mentees 10th.January.2022