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The Wikinewsie Group/Meetings

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The Wikinewsie Group

A project to support the Wikimedia community
by creating infrastructure to support Wikinews original reporting,
journalist education and community outreach

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Provisional board selection meeting[edit]

The meeting for the provisional board selection was held in #wikinews-groupconnect on May 4, 2013 at 13:00 UTC, which is 8:00 in Mexico City, 9:00 in New York City, 15:00 in Berlin and 23:00 in Sydney. The board selection process was done informally based on consensus developed in the chatroom. The conversation was logged for the purposes of taking notes, and general record keeping. If required, it can be shared with aff-comm, participants or people who indicated in advance they were interested in being on the board.

Meeting notes[edit]

The meeting started at 13:05 UTC and by its conclusion, 16 supporters had participated in some fashion out of the 40 who had indicated support. This included 2 Wikimedians from Iceland, 4 Australian Wikinews contributors, 2 Spanish Wikinews contributors including one from Mexico and one from Chile, a Serbian Wikinewsie, English Wikinewsie contributors from Canada and the USA, a Wikinewsie from a non-English Asian language project and an Ukranian Wikinewsie.

Prior to discussing who we should select for the interim board, we discussed the current status of our application and the obligations of provisional board members. This conversation lasted approximately 45 minutes. Then we discussed who should be on board, with the decision for the chairperson made first as LauraHale. Then a discussion was held on what we wanted from board members and we agreed a Spanish speaking Wikinewsie and a member of the Icelandic community. The first two consensus candidates were Brian McNeil and Bjarki, a Wikimedian and lawyer from Iceland who is involved with trying to create Wikimedia Ísland. Then we selected ProtoplasmaKid and Pi zero. The meeting concluded shortly after.