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The Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref/Lessons/January 2020

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The Wikipedia Library
#1Lib1Ref Year 5
January 2020 Report


In this year’s #1lib1ref January we were impressed by the innovation in the community that we hope is adopted by future campaigns. In highlight, we saw 18,032 edits in nearly 60 languages by more than 731 editors. This campaign featured the first Wikisource initiatives and saw events co-organizing with other thematic editathons from the #Wiki4HumanRights campaign.

Though the first few years of the campaign were heavily English-focused, the growing community participation on non-English wikis shows the global potential of the Wikipedia and libraries conversation. This year the top most active languages were Hebrew, Serbian and French; we were also excited to see that the Catalan and English communities, which were the first to adopt #1lib1ref, continue to be active. We saw a big surge at the end of the campaign: more than 3000 edits about 20% of the total campaign edits happened in the final few hours. Globally the campaign saw over a 65% increase in edits over last year's campaign and recorded over 40 in-person sessions registered through our campaign on the Outreach Dashboard.


The final hashtags tally was 18,032 edits in nearly 60 languages, including first-place Hebrew Wikipedia with 4,536 edits. There were over 500 edits across 15 projects in the opening hours of the campaign.

  • 1.32 million words were added as recorded on the dashboard
  • 731 editors participated
  • 572 articles were created and 6110 total were edited
  • 21 wikis saw more than 10 edits, 9 more than 100, and 5 more than 1000