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TWL global coordinators' global MassMessage list. Non-English TWL coordinators, feel free to add your names to the list. And, please do not forget to add your names to your respective branches here.

  • Please use the MassMessage-compatible format: {{#target:User:Example|}} (substituting "id" for the language code for your wiki)
  1. User talk:Pratyya Ghosh [at]
  2. User talk:Elmacenderesi [at]
  3. User talk:WikiBronze [at]
  4. User talk:Wikicology [at]
  5. User talk:Mohamed Ouda [at]
  6. User talk:عباد ديرانية [at]
  7. User talk:Bachounda [at]
  8. User talk:Elph [at]
  9. User talk:Csisc [at]
  10. User talk:Kippelboy [at]
  11. User talk:Saehrimnir [at]
  12. User talk:O.Koslowski [at]
  13. User talk:FocalPoint [at]
  14. User talk:Geraki [at]
  15. User talk:Mardetanha [at]
  16. User talk:Sicaspi [at]
  17. User talk:Darafsh [at]
  18. User talk:MRG90 [at]
  19. User talk:DejaVu [at]
  20. User talk:Olimar [at]
  21. User talk:Lentokonefani [at]
  22. User talk:Symac [at]
  23. User talk:Benoit Rochon [at]
  24. User talk:Benoît Prieur [at]
  25. User talk:Jules WMFr [at]
  26. User talk:Daryag [at]
  27. User talk:Alleycat80 [at]
  28. User talk:Geagea [at]
  29. User talk:Shypoetess [at]
  30. User talk:Swapnil.Karambelkar [at]
  31. User talk:Giaccai [at]
  32. User talk:Silvia bruni1 [at]
  33. User talk:Bikarhêner [at]
  34. User talk:Krishna Chaitanya Velaga [at]
  35. User talk:-revi [at]
  36. User talk:Motoko C. K. [at]
  37. User talk:Danmichaelo [at]
  38. User talk:Profoss [at]
  39. User talk:Astrid Carlsen (WMNO) [at]
  40. User talk:Jogi don [at]
  41. User talk:Kdammers [at]
  42. User talk:Teles [at]
  43. User talk:Vini 175 [at]
  44. User talk:Rodrigo Padula [at]
  45. User talk:Spartacus VT [at]
  46. User talk:Anntinomy [at]
  47. User talk:Cheers! [at]
  48. User talk:AddisWang [at]
  49. User talk:春卷柯南 [at]
  50. User talk:Walter Grassroot [at]
  51. User talk:MtBell [at]
  52. User talk:Zetifree [at]
  53. User talk:Shangkuanlc [at]
  54. User talk:Shizhao [at]