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Building and sharing tech that makes it easier to do more and deeper research

FindDPLA (WikipeDPLA)
Using DPLA's API we can surface content about archive collections that are relevant to a Wikipedia article. The tool currently works with Firefox and Chrome and adds DPLA links with the click of a button on any Wikipedia article.

Citoid is a new citation tool in VisualEditor, currently available on English, French, and Italian Wikipedia. It will attempt to generate a full, template-supported citation after an editor pastes either a URL or a DOI into the VisualEditor citation tool.

Special:LinkSearch is helpful for tracking citations to a particular URL, and can be used in monitoring metrics for a partner by recording LinkSearch results over time.

OA Button
Developed by Joseph McArthur and David Carroll, the Open Access Button helps researchers promote open access by broadcasting when they hit a paywall.

RAMP editor Developed at the University of Miami, the RAMP editor is a web-based tool that generates enhanced authority records for creators of archival collections and helps publish the content of those records as Wikipedia pages. The tool extracts biographical and historical data from finding aids to create new authority records (using the EAC-CPF format). It lets users enhance those with additional data from sources like VIAF and WorldCat Identities. Last, it transforms those records into wiki markup so that users can edit them directly, merge them with Wikipedia pages, and or publish them to Wikipedia through its API.

Zotero is a free open-source citation management tool than can be used to easily insert citations into Wikipedia articles. See Citing sources with Zotero.

Pioneered by Liam Wyatt and the National Library of Australia, AAL is a bot-added link to Wikiproject talk page templates that connects readers and editors to external research experts through their reference desk.

Citation Hunt
A tool to automatically draw out instances of [citation needed] tags to potentially be addressed. Available in English and French.

Wiki ShootMe
A tool that identifies nearby places with Wikidata items but no images - useful for events like Wiki Loves Monuments.

This metrics tool compiles pageviews for all pages in a particular category tree.

BaGLAMa shows you page view numbers for pages on Wikipedia (and other Wikimedia sites) containing Commons files in a specific category.

This tool tracks use of images in a particular category on Wikimedia Commons.

Linkypedia allows libraries and other cultural institutions to explore how their content is being used on Wikipedia.

This tool can list entries of some external databases, and allows users to match them against Wikidata items.

The Book Uploader Bot downloads books from online public repositories like Google Books, and then uploads them to the Internet Archive and Wikimedia Commons.

Find citations by publisher in the top 100 Wikipedias.

Hay's Directory
A searchable directory of Wikimedia-related tools.

Requested tools[edit]

OCLC Full text reference tool
Using OCLC's KnowledgeBase API, make it easier for editors to get from Wikipedia article references to full-text sources.

OA Bot
A bot to add links from free to read repository versions to existing citations to paywalled sources.