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Celebration of the Year of Sound

In 2022, radio in Switzerland celebrates its 100th anniversary. Wikimedia CH is taking this as an opportunity to designate 2022 as the Year of Sound. Noises, sounds, waves, instruments, music, historical moments - with this theme we open the field for any projects and activities around audio material - in Switzerland and abroad. We are interested in the sounds themselves, but also in their history and their connection with the development of our society in all its facets.

The program encompasses activities organized by the community, Wikimedia CH or initiated by a GLAM institution or like-minded organization, but mostly in collaboration within the community. If you are interested to participate in one of our events, please find out more about the planned activities in our events overview section.

During 2022, Wikimedia CH will support upcoming activities initiated by volunteers and / or Swiss cultural institutions, following the the Year of Sound. You can find further information on how to participate and contribute in the respective section. If you like to organize an event in collaboration with us, or you require support, please contact us at Wikimedia CH.

Events Overview

  • On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, at the [Enter Museum] in Solothurn, a conference will be held on the topic “100 Years of Radio in Switzerland. How and when to celebrate?". You are welcome to submit your contribution by January 31, 2022 at http://enter.ch/100yearsofradio
  • On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the Swiss Archivist Association and the feministische Streikkollektiv Biel will air radio emissions on their chain Ultraviolet-t and collect podcast related to the theme "collect and preserve social movements". To participate and collaborate, please contact them (contact(_AT_)ultraviolet-t.ch)
  • On Saturday, November 5, 2022, at SBB Historic in Brugg / Windish, a Wikipedia Atelier will be held on the topic "Sounds of the Rail".

How to participate and contribute

Wikipedia Articles
As a beginner or intermediate Wikipedia author you can contribute for example by improving and completing an existing article, inserting appropriate images and image galleries, inserting links to archival collections on webarchives and portals, updating info boxes or inserting Wikidata info boxes into Wikipedia articles. If you are an expert Wikipedia author you might engage in creating a completely new article.
Wikimedia Commons
If you like to work with media files, you might want to upload collections, archives related images and documents to Wikimedia Commons. Please remember that taking onsite photographs need to be compliant with the legal framework when uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Maybe you still have many images, you did not have time to share and upload into Wikimedia Commons. Nevertheless, some institutions have released images collections and documents under a free license the past years. The collections are accessible through their portal or webarchive but are not yet available in Wikimedia Commons or embedded in a Wikipedia article.
If you like to work with meta data, you can help us to complete the geographical visualization on archives in Switzerland linked to Wikimedia content on Wikidata. Every contribution counts.

Resources & Documentation

In this section we want to give you some inspiration about available resources in the Wiki universe but also external resources such as web archives and additional links. Moreover, we want to give you the opportunity to enrich the page with relevant resources, material and links about the 100 Year of Swiss Radio / Year of Sound.

Resources & Links

Below we collected some resources around "100 Years of Swiss Radio". Since this is a collaborative project, we invite you to add additional links, if relevant. When using material, please make sure you respect the copyright policies of the archives as well as the ones for the Wikimedia projects. If you are not sure, please contact the respective institution to clarify the rights and inform yourself if the material is either in public domain or available under a CC BY SA license.


If you like to contribute to this Wikimedia project, you need support in the activities for International Archives Week, or you want to learn more about the association, contact us directly.

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