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There's an error

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Klikněte zde pro českou verzi

There's an error is an educational project of Wikimedia Czech Republic. Did you find an error on Wikipedia? Thank you for noticing and wanting to do something about it! If the error is related to the display of Wikipedia, not its content, check out Wikipedia:How to report errors.

How to fix an error on Wikipedia?[edit]

Wikipedia is written by volunteers and no one is infallible. In the video below, learn how you can quickly and easily fix an error yourself, or ask a Wikipedian to fix it for you. English subtitles are available.

Fixing a Wikipedia error is easy and you can do it too!

By trying to correct a mistake on Wikipedia, you will help us build a world where everyone has free access to all human knowledge and the right to contribute to it freely. And that's no small thing.

You can find the full, funnier, version of the video here.

The bottom line[edit]

  • You can correct a minor typo or spelling error yourself, just click edit in the top right of the article bar.
  • If the error is of a more fundamental - factual - nature, you need a credible source to correct it, which you can insert into the article by clicking the "citation" button.
  • Alternatively, you can write to the article's talk page and make a suggestion there.
  • The last option is to email info-cs@wikimedia.org, which is maintained by the volunteer Czech Wikipedia team. You can also get advice in the Česká WIkipedie Facebook group. If it's about English Wikipedia, contact Volunteer Response Team at info-en-o@wikimedia.org

There's an error - puns[edit]

What might it look like if no one corrected Wikipedia errors? This question was answered by Wikimedia CZ and Rekola, who also contributed free advertising space on their bikes.

We managed to translate a few puns to English, but in order to really enjoy the campaign, you would have to learn Czech first.

Want to learn how to edit Wikipedia?[edit]

That's great news! The Wikipedia community and Wikimedia CZ are here to help you do just that.

For Czech speakers and expats in Czechia (please, let us know you're coming):

  • Wikiporadna (join online every Monday from 6pm),
  • WikiClub (drop by in person in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, České Budějovice and other cities),
  • all upcoming WMCR events such as editathons or workshops.

We are also linking some English Wikipedia resources below: