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It's probably helpful to get some idea of what design elements are popular, so:

Border around picture area[edit]

Should there be a border around the picture part?

Border around text area[edit]

Should there be a border around the text part?

Background color of text[edit]

Should there be a background color for the text which is different from the color of the page? (If yes dominates, we'll need to ask questions about that)

Linking to the image description[edit]

What is the best way to link to the image description page and its version of the image? (see next question as well)

Linking to a larger version[edit]

What is the best way to link to a larger version of the image (larger than on the image description page, may be a high resolution scan or full field picture photo, which has been clipped and scaled for display in one or more articles).

Is this feature being developed?
No idea. Seems obvious, though, with default being the image description page if that's the best we have. See en:Sinai Peninsula for one of several articles using derivatives of the same larger source image (Fertile Crescent or Nile Delta will use part of the left when I get around to it)and en:Image:Devonport Dockyard in 1909 plan.png for another example, where there's a converted and cropped display image to be thumbnailed for display in an article and a larger source image available. It's very common for very high resolution (tens of megabytes and above 1600x1200) to be available from NASA, for example, so a large version could be that reduced to perhaps a megabyte.
Could we get the default link to be to a simple display of the full image, not the image description page? The latter is a fairly horrible thing to take a reader (rather than a wikipedian) through to. I'm not clear how I have to vote to express this preference. user:seglea

Display of caption text[edit]

How should the caption text be displayed?

  • Italic (as recently proposed in the style guide)
    1. Hajor

For text, I deliberately chose small rather than any fixed small point size, so it scales for those who have visual problems and have their browser set to use larger text than usual. Does anyone really want a fixed size - if you do, add away? Hopefully those will narrow down some of the choices a bit - or maybe suggest that we need preferences. Any additions? Jamesday 04:10, 9 Mar 2004 (UTC)