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Report on activities in the Toolhub project for the week ending 2022-04-01.


Tracked in Phabricator:
task T279801

Raymond uploaded a patch to add support for viewing and editing the new annotation layer of a toolinfo record. This patch includes support for the community to add data for a number of toolinfo.json fields that have been added by Toolhub which are not widely used yet in externally hosted toolinfo.json files:

  • deprecated: If true, the use of this tool is officially discouraged.
  • replaced_by: If this tool is deprecated, this parameter should be used to link to the replacement tool.
  • experimental: If true, this tool is unstable and can change or go offline at any time.
  • for_wikis: The wiki(s) this tool can be used on.
  • icon: A link to a Wikimedia Commons file description page for an icon that depicts the tool.
  • available_ui_languages: The language(s) the tool's interface has been translated into.
  • tool_type: web app, desktop app, bot, gadget, user script, command line tool, coding framework, lua module, template, other
  • api_url: A link to the tool's API, if available.
  • developer_docs_url: A link to the tool's developer documentation, if available.
  • user_docs_url: A link to the tool's user documentation, if available.
  • feedback_url: A link to location where the tool's user can leave feedback.
  • privacy_policy_url: A link to the tool's privacy policy, if available.
  • translate_url: A link to the tool's translation interface.
  • bugtracker_url: A link to the tool's bug tracker on GitHub, Bitbucket, Phabricator, etc.

January-March 2022 accomplishments[edit]

This week saw the completion of the January-March 2022 quarter (FY21/22 Q3 in Foundation jargon). The team took some time to reflect on the last 3 months and came up with this list of accomplishments:

  • New features for creating and viewing lists
  • A "recent changes" feed that can be used for patrolling
  • Backend features for "annotations" that the community can add to toolinfo records
  • Search improvements including English stemming and N-gram based search as you type lookups for both tools and lists
  • Node v10 -> Node v14 upgrade
  • 2 production deployments

April-June 2022 project goals[edit]

The team met with several external collaborators to discuss our goals for Toolhub in the April-June quarter (FY21/22 Q4 in Foundation jargon). We expect to have a number of distractions this quarter (Wikimedia Hackathon 2022, a Technical Engagement team offsite, folks taking vacation time) which in turn influences the amount of work we will commit to performing. Our preliminary plan is to focus on these areas: