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Wikimedia trademarks

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Wikimedia marks (as listed on this page) are trademarks of the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikimedia trademarks may only be used in accordance with the Wikimedia trademark policy and the visual identity guidelines. Use of these trademarks with the permission of the Wikimedia Foundation does not suggest endorsement by or affiliation with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wherever possible, the images are saved in SVG format to ensure proper scaling. In some cases, marks are created in PNG format. To save an image, right-click on the image and 'Save as' to your computer. Mirrors and other versions of these images can be found in the Category:Logos of Wikimedia on Commons.

You can also read up on the background and history of the marks.

List of marks[edit]

Wikimedia trademarks include: Wikipedia , Wiktionary , Wikiquote , Wikibooks , Wikisource , Wikinews , Wikiversity , Wikispecies , MediaWiki , Wikimedia Commons , Wikidata , Wikivoyage , Wikimedia Incubator , Wikimedia Labs , Wikimedia Foundation , Wikimania

Movement groups actively using the marks[edit]

Chapters and thematic organizations have explicit trademark agreements that allow them to use the marks in their name and materials. Some also make swag with the marks on them.

Examples: Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia France both had stores that sold swag for some time. There were discussions at various points about whether or not they needed more explicit trademark license to do so.