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How to find existing articles[edit]

When choosing articles to work on, it might require a bit of exploring in Wikipedia. The easiest ways to find articles are:

  • Searching for topics of related interest to the editathon topic using both Wikimedia’s internal search or through external search tools like Google.
  • Investigating categories related to the topic of the editathon. For information about navigating categories, see the help page on English Wikipedia
  • Finding a WikiProject which might document the topic area and examining articles listed as part of the project. WikiProjects are listed on English Wikipedia at: the WikiProject Council Directory . Most WikiProjects have article assessment grids that can be used to find stub and start class articles which might be appropriate for an editing event.

Pro tip: If you are comfortable with Wikidata, it is possible to use Wikidata Queries to create comprehensive worklists for campaigns. The main tool for creating these lists, can be found at: Template:Wikidata list