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Creating your dashboard event[edit]

Adding your events to the programs and events dashboard simplifies the aggregation of data about the event, including editors participating and content contributed.

Once your on-wiki page has been created, it is important to create an event on the Programs and Events Dashboard: see the documentation on Meta Wiki. The Programs and Events dashboard provides several important functions:

  • First, it allows for automatic collection of global contribution metrics from participants in the event.
  • Second, it allows for rapid evaluation of the impact of volunteers on Wikipedia articles through both machine-learning based quality tools and pageviews for content created.
  • Lastly, it allows for your event’s impact to be rolled up into other metrics collection by affiliates, community members, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

To register participants in your dashboard event, you can:

  • ask participants to sign up there in advance of the event.
  • add participants manually during the event and after it has ended.

Note: If you collect usernames in a private listing either offline or on a private webpage, it is important to get consent from participants and to protect individual privacy if you include the user name on a public listing.