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What Programs & Events Dashboard admins can do[edit]

In most cases, users can use the Dashboard to organize events, manage campaigns of related events, and control their own participation in individual events, without the need for admin rights. Users in the Facilitator role for an event have full access to edit the event details, add or remove other Facilitators and participants, add or remove campaigns, and delete events when necessary. Similarly, users in the Organizer role for a campaign can make edits to the settings for that campaign and remove any events from the campaign that were added by mistake.

Admin rights allow you to:

  • Edit the details and campaigns of any event
  • Add or remove Facilitators from any event
  • Edit or delete any campaign
  • Add or remove Organizers from any campaign
  • View private events
  • View real names and emails (for the few users who have them stored)
  • View the surveys feature (which hasn't yet been used on Programs & Events Dashboard)

The most common situations when admin rights are needed are when someone accidentally removes themself as Facilitator or Organizer, or when an abandoned event page needs to be deleted.