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1. New upload[edit]

( ): text, form-options *DEAD LINK

Use this page to upload files:
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2. Description of the picture
   Where was the picture taken? (for photographs)
3. Image categories?

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Other diagrams

4. Author:
5. Under which license is the image released?
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       GNU Free Documentation Licence
       Creative Commons by attribution/share alike
       Creative Commons by attribution
       Public Domain


  • File format: Photographs should be JPEG format, Diagrams should be PNG format. No DOC or TXT file uploads!
  • Image licence: Pictures must be compatible with one of the "free" licenses mentioned. You may upload images under the doctrine of fair use, but this is discouraged, and they may not be used in all Wikipedias.
  • Model release: If the people in the photograph are not in the public sphere, they must agree to the free use of the photo.
  • Screenshots and photographs of copyrighted material: Producing these (e.g. images of book covers) is in principle not a sufficiently creative act to consider the results as new creative works themselves; they are therefore subjected to the copyright of the depicted material.

6. I hereby confirm that the information above is correct and that the author of this file agrees to its publication under the licence selected above. 
In the event that this data is false, I am responsible for any legal consequences, and not the Wikimedia Foundation. 
7.  The upload may take a few moments.
Uploading file

2. Upload licence[edit]

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All uploaded pictures, photographies and diagrams '''must be distributable under a free license''', which permits unrestricted further use (including commercial use) and modification.  The preferred licence on Wikipedia are:

* [[en:GNU free documentation license|]] (GFDL)
* [ Creative Commons share alike (CC-by-SA)] 
* [[en:Public domain|]]

Permitted, but undesirable
*[[en:Fair use|]]

Not permitted:
*Pictures released under a more restrictive license
*Copyright protected pictures not released under a free license

Select a licence
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3. Upload result[edit]

( )

Image description:
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