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Let's Reset Wikipedia/Wikidata from scratch: #TheGreatReset ;-)

"Wikipedia/Wikidata is the worst of all settings dealing with DATA INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE. Except from all the others." /sms ;-)


Let’s reset Wikipedia and Wikidata from scratch: #TheGreatReset ;-)

  • We collected the Best Of
  • We ask you to help: BE BOLD :-)
  • Work in Progress: German

It is about remembering the surprise, the fascination, the provocation of Wikipedia 20 years ago. It's about remembering best practice and initiating a complete new beginning of Wikipedia and Wikidata with current technology and user experience. To initiate this process we have decided to start with a small plugin. We call the project Q102014.xyz



  1. Find a Solution & adopt it.
  2. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.
  3. If you can’t fix the broken: Find a next Solution.


  1. Computer mediated Communication
  2. Acceptance to work on a common Question (Lemma, Topic, Question)
  3. Commitment without binding


  1. To be a Party Host and
  2. To be a Traffic Cop (Not Police Officer).
  3. Always be a Full-time Enabler


  1. One valid sitelink
  2. Open available references
  3. It is needed to make Data, Information, Knowledge in other items more useful


  1. Support Support
  2. Support Support
  3. Support Support


  1. Oppose Oppose
  2. Oppose Oppose
  3. Oppose Oppose