Two Day Sanskrit Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 2018

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A two day workshop on editing articles was jointly organized by Samskrit Bharati, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati and Centre for Internet & Society on 23rd- 24th of March, 2018, at Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha campus, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The students came together to collaboratively contribute to online initiative, Project Tiger Editathon 2018 at the Computer Laboratory, 2nd Floor, Main Academic Building.

Event Details[edit]


The key participants were the Ph.D. scholars of all departments and the M.Ed students (55 Ph.Ds+ 15 M.Eds) of the University. The focus of the workshop was on, “Article Writing and the editing Articles”. Moreover the workshop emphasis upon the fact that the Sanskrit students could actively participate in taking forward the Sanskrit Wikipedia in an effective manner.

List of participants of the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon[edit]

Name Username
1 A. sarita A. sarita1
2 A.rajita A.rajita
3 Adhir chandra das Adhir chandra das
4 Alapati pavankumar Alapati pavankumar
5 Anindita paul Anindita paul5
6 Archakam sreevidya Archakam sreevidya
7 Archana khamari Archana khamari
8 Ashish kumar pandey Ashish kumar pandey8
9 Ayan bhattacharya Ayan bhattacharya9
10 B.mamatha B.mamatha
11 Swapna panja Swapna panja
12 Biswajit barman Biswajit barman12
13 Darsana roy Darsana roy
14 Debabrata sarder Debabrata sarder
15 Debalina ghosh Debalina ghosh 15
16 Dipanwita das Dipanwita das15
17 Dipika behera Dipika behera
18 Divyarani tripathy Divyarani tripathy
19 Girija shankar hota Girija shankar hota
20 Jayanta nuniya Jayanta nuniya
21 Jyotishree singh mohapatra Jyotishree singh mohapatra
22 Kiran bhat Kiran bhat22
23 Koushik Koushik rsvp
24 Lisha rani bindhani Lisha rani bindhani
25 Machabhakthuni revathi supraja Machabhakthuni revathi supraja
26 Madan mugri Madan mugri
27 Manish kumar rathore Manish kumar rathore
28 Mitarani dash Mitarani dash
29 Subhashree tripathy Subhashree tripathy
30 Nandadulal mandal Nandadulal mandal30
31 Nepal das Nepal das31
32 Niharika muduli Niharika muduli
33 Novalgin maharana Novalgin maharana
34 Padmaprashanth m Pankaj Sharma36
35 Pampa banik Pankaj Sharma36
36 Pankaj Sharma Pankaj Sharma36
37 Pragati dikshit Pragati dikshit
38 R kodandapani R kodandapani
39 Radhakrishna b Radhakrishna b
40 Ragi venkata chary Ragi venkata chary rsvp
41 Rahuldeb halder Rahuldeb halder
42 S.vaishnavi S.vaishnavi42
43 Sangha mitra swain Sangha mitra swain
44 Sanjoy kumar mandal Sanjoy kumar mandal
45 Sasmita barik Sasmita barik
46 Sharmistha routh Sharmistha routh
47 Siddhartha sankar mondal Siddhartha sankar mondal
48 Soumya shree biswal Soumya shree biswal48
49 Sourav das Sourav das49
50 Srimanta pahari Srimanta pahari
51 Suchismita padhi Suchismita padhi51
52 Sudipta dey Sudipta dey52
53 Sukanta pramanik Sukanta pramanik53
54 Sure ramtirumala reddy Sure ramtirumala reddy
55 Susama sahoo Susama sahoo
56 Sushri sangita ratha Sushri sangita ratha
57 Tanmay Mandal Tanmay Mandal57
58 Vysakhan.k.b Vysakhan.k.b58
59 Samir saha Samir saha
60 Sanjib sarkar Sanjib sarkar60
61 Haripad bera Haripad bera
62 Sonali saha Sonali saha
63 Soma mondal Soma mondal63
64 Sujan biswas Sujan biswas64
65 Aloke mondal Aloke Mondal88
66 Chandan das Chandan das
67 B. naresh kumar naik B. naresh kumar naik
68 Parameshwar Parameshwar
69 Sankar bera Sankar bera69

Articles created during Event[edit]

  1. Newly Created Articles - 34
  2. Article drafts - 100+

Event Proceedings[edit]


The Workshop was inaugurated with an overwhelming opening ceremony on 23rd March morning at 10 AM. Distinguished dignitaries were welcomed by Prof. Prahlad Joshi (Dean, Dept. of Education, RSVP). The chief guest for the event was Mr. A. Ravishankar, (B. Tech., M.S.), who serves as Head of Strategic Partnerships, Asia and Eastern Europe, in Wikimedia Foundation, USA. His address to the gathering was very encouraging. In his note he indicated the need for this kind of workshop in the institutions and stretch an outline of the Project Tiger. Prof. V. Murlidhara Sharma , the Vice-chancellor of Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha inaugurated the programme and delivered his presidential address on “Writing articles in Samskrit –its usefulness and the role of the Institutions”.


Ms. Shubha, started the session with her introductory lecture about the Wikipedia and its sister projects. In the next session Mr. Sayanto Mahato, Senior Research Assistant, SPF, gave a talk about the wealth of Samskrit and importance of editing. The next session gave some lights on Basic fundamentals of Wikipedia Edit-a-thon followed by a joint session on “Aspects of editing and proofreading”. The Participants were given ‘hands on’ training in the afternoon session. They not only appreciated the practical experience, but have agreed to create greater awareness among the student community.

On day 2, the morning session was about Wiki editing tools and OCR followed by practical sessions. Canons of editing was the topic for the afternoon sessions. It was very heartening to note the enthusiasm displayed by them and the various suggestions they put forward for enhancing the popularity of Samskrit.

Valedictory Function[edit]

The programme concluded with a valedictory address by the Scholars. Special mention is to be made about the excellent support given to the entire programme by RS Vidyapeetha and their faculty members. The entire event acted as catalyst among the faculty members and students to popularize computer learning and online content generation in their educational institution.

Event schedule[edit]

Day 1 (23-03-2018)[edit]

समयः/Timing अवधिः/Session प्रस्तौता/ Coordinator
10:00am - 10:30am उद्घाटनकार्यक्रमः/Opening Ceremony
10.30am - 11:30am 1.विकिमीडिया-भारतस्य कार्यक्रमाः व्याघ्रप्रकल्पश्च/ Project Tiger and WMF Activities.

2. संस्कृतविकिपरिचयः /Samskrit Wiki Introduction

1. Ravi
2. Shubha
11:30am - 1:00pm प्रायोगिकसत्रम् १/ Hands on session 1 Sayant Mahato
1pm - 2.30pm भोजनविरामः/ Lunch Break
2.30 am – 3:30pm प्रायोगिकसत्रम् २/ Hands on session 2
3.30 pm - 4 pm Tea/Coffee Break
4pm – 4.30 pm विशेषोद्बोधनम्

विषयः - अनुवादकौशलानि / Special lecture on Techniques of Translation

4:30 pm - 5:15 pm प्रायोगिकसत्रम् २/ Hands on session 2

Day 2 (24-03-2018)[edit]

समयः/Timing अवधिः/Session प्रस्तौता/ Coordinator
10.00am - 11:00am विकिपीडियालेखसम्पादनप्रविधिः / Wiki Editing tools Shubha
11:00 am - 11:30 am Tea/Coffee Break
11:30am - 1:00pm प्रायोगिकसत्रम् ४/ Hands on session 4 Sayant Mahato
1pm - 2.30pm भोजनविरामः/ Lunch Break
2.30 am – 3:30pm विकिसम्पादनकौशलानि / canons of wiki editing
3.30 pm - 4:30 pm प्रायोगिकसत्रम् ५/ Hands on session 5
4.30 pm - 5 pm Tea/Coffee Break
5 pm – 5.30 pm प्रशंसापत्रवितरणं समापनसमारोहश्च / Certificate Distribution and validictory session