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UG-GE/WikiMeeting (March 2018)

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On March 4, 2018, the first meeting of members of the UG-GE for this year was held in Tbilisi, which was organized to discuss the existing problems and future plans of Wikipedia and UG-GE. The meeting was attended by eight editors of Wikipedia and UG-GE member. Examined the problems associated with the categorization of articles (namely birth / death; Players; Personalities, etc.), we also discussed issues related to old and new styles of birth and date of birth. Another problematic issue we discussed was geographical names and problems related to them. As a result, the remaining editors decided to make a general approach to the current issue, taking appropriate measures. The discussion touched on the literature mentioned in the new articles, where detailed methodology of literature was specified and the solution of possible existing inaccuracies. We discussed the planned and future projects, where we planned that until the end of this year, we will extend a large project to encourage Wikipedia.


Photos from the meeting[edit]