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Universal Code of Conduct/Affiliates consultation

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Universal Code of Conduct

This page documents the consultation about Universal Code of Conduct enforcement mechanisms with Wikimedia Affiliates (chapters, thematic organizations, and user groups). The consultation ran from late February to May 2021 through one-on-one conversations between facilitators and Affiliates representatives. It was conducted in form of Zoom/Google Meet meetings, e-mail conversation, internal Affiliate meeting, and/or other form of communication the Affiliate so desired. Finished conversations are recorded on the list below.



Conversations are organized by the facilitators or by the Affiliates themselves. Some chapters prefer to conduct internal meetings and provide collective feedback, others meet with the UCoC team to discuss the core questions. The team usually provides the core questions to be used as guidance for the internal meetings.

A survey is available in different languages; it's designed for all types of affiliates, whether well-structured or not, whether they have internal bylaws and Coc or not. Any member can take the survey and provide feedback on reporting methods and mechanisms and enforcement pathways.

Affiliates-organized meetings




A report which summarized the Affiliate consultation is now available.



Should you have questions about the Affiliate consultation, please contact Mervat or Ramzy.