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Universal Code of Conduct/Coordinating Committee/Election/2024/Campaigning rules

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Universal Code of Conduct

Candidates must:

  • Abide by the Universal Code of Conduct and respect Friendly Space Policy,
  • Publish content about their candidacy and election events only in online spaces where it is welcome by the space organizers.
  • Campaign as an individual, not as a group of candidates.
  • Follow the rules of participating in events as set out by the event organisers (i.e. if organisers ask candidates not to campaign then that should be respected).

Candidates must not:

  • Attend U4C election-oriented community meet-ups[1] without prior approval from the Elections Committee. The Committee will ordinarily approve attendance at events, but may impose limitations if the nature, size, or number of events would be unfair to other candidates. Requests for attendance must be made a reasonable time in advance.
  • Use their candidate statements[2] to link to lists of endorsements or content meant to circumvent the word count (e.g. blogs, Google Docs, pages, etc.)[3]


  1. Encompassing both online and in-person meet-ups
  2. Note that the provided template will link to each candidate’s user page
  3. Candidates are allowed to link to relevant pages, including within the Wikimedia projects and to their professional profiles (e.g. staff pages, LinkedIn, etc.)