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User from Croatia.

I was blocked without proper reason[edit]

Someone please, move this to Kubura's talk page, I can't, my account is new and Kubura's talk page is protected.

Hi, Kubura

I hope your head is cooled now and you can reconsider your block of my account on hr wiki.

My last edit was on June 14. I was trying to remove obvious POV in hr wiki articles. In articles about war between Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats, I was replacing words "greater-bosniak aggresion" with "bosniak-croat conflict", which is BTW, the title of croatian wiki article - hr:bošnjačko-hrvatski sukob. I even avoided doing the same for term "greater-serbian aggression", except in one sentence, where both terms were used together.

First, you gave me yellow card for removing, what You called "referenced content", but was just an un-encyclopedic text copied from croatian right-wing web page. The text removed is "da međunarodna zajednica u Mostaru od Hrvata katolika želi naplatiti neke azijske dugove" (...that the international community in Mostar wants to collect some Asian debts from Croat Catholics') which is just unimportant comment from the original article and doesn't belong to wikipedia article.

Then, later the same night, without me editing anything in between time, you gave me red card, and blocked me forever, with my e-mail and user talk page blocked, for replacing (in very same edit You gave ne yellow card for)

velikosrpske i velikobošnjačke agresije na Mostar ... su grad velikosrpski i velikobošnjački agresori gađali granatama (Greater Serbia and Greater Bosniak aggression on Mostar ... Greater Serbia and Greater Bosniak aggressors fired grenades at the city)
sukoba HVO-a sa Armijom BiH i vojskom bosanskih Srba ... je zapadni Mostar zasipan granatama sa srpskih i bošnjačkih položaja (conflict of the HVO with the Army of BiH and the Bosnian Serb army ... western Mostar was covered with grenades from Serb and Bosniak positions)

I literally just rephrased "greater-bosniak aggresion" with NPOV terms. And did the same for the serbian attacks because I had no idea how to leave the term "greater-serbian aggresion" in the sentence withoout making it clumsy. I was literally walking on eggshells, trying to change only description of bosniak-croat conflict, and leaving "greater-Serbian aggression" as it is, but just a single change was good-enough excuse for You to block me forever, without even trying to discuss my changes. Note that I had nice discussion with admin Zeljko just a few weeks before and we reached consensus very quickly.

You then went on insulting me, comparing my single edit with greater-serbian propaganda:

Removing the fact that this is a Greater Serbia aggression is a shameless provocation.

This is in the spirit of the ideology of Aleksandar Vučić, a well-known initiator of the war and an opponent of Croatian integrity.[22] [23] "At a news conference in Belgrade on Tuesday criticizing Croatia for blocking the opening of Chapter 26 in Serbia's EU talks, Vucic said he did not intend to" listen to any lectures by those who claim that the whole history it begins and ends with a phrase about the Greater Serbia aggression. "

The ideologue who in the same message calls the Croatian state fascist, denies the integrity of the Republic of Croatia, defends the occupiers and denies Croatia the right to defend and regain its territory. and for the fascist one that they created themselves, and in the end how that aggression that they talk about so much ended. With more than 250,000 Serbs expelled from Serbian homes.

The term Greater Serbia must be clear to you: Google's search for "Greater Bosnian" gives 18,800 results, and is available on [24] Grude [25] [26] [27] Dnevni [28] Croatian Media Service [29] Croatian Sky [30] [31] [32] (represented by Nikola Grmoja) [33] (represented by Jozo Raguž) [34] [35 ] [36] [37] (downloads from Geopolitika). These are not obscure portals, but Večernji list [38] [39], nor are they written by obscure people, but with these words Nino Raspudić is called [40] "Nino Raspudić in Podcast Bura: There are three reasons why Americans support greater Bosniak politics" and Croatian MPs.

Greater Serbia aggression has been a clear thing for thirty years and as such has been recognized in the scientific literature. Kubura (talk) 01:15, 24 June 2020 (CEST)

It will be 25 years since the summer of 1995, Storm, Maestral, Southern Move, etc., 30 years since the Greater Serbs openly attacked Croatia by placing logs, and you are removing the "Greater Serbian aggression". Man, in the Second Memorandum of SANU, there is a plan to reduce the responsibility of Serbia, put it in the same position with all countries committed by aggression in terms of dividing the blame for the war on three sides, and thus turn its (Greater Serbia) aggression into a civil war of warring parties. And that controversial montage is exactly in that spirit. Kubura (talk) 05:21, 24 June 2020 (CEST)

— Kubura

Let me tell you that I have no intention of fixing obvious POV on croatian wikipedia. I will not, as you say "spread greater-serbian propaganda". I've been a user since 2009. and I would like to continue editting some other subjects, so please unblock me. --Čačvina (talk) 06:07, 25 June 2020 (UTC)