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Blue Mosque, Istanbul

I am Khattab Hassan. I am basically editing and contributing to Bengali Wikipedia. My two main preferences are the Ottoman Empire and the Wikiproject Islam.

In case of any need, leave a message on my talk page.
You can leave messages in Bengali, Urdu, English or Hindi. My linguistic ability follows the mentioned sequence.
You can also email me:

In a competitive editathon of Catalan Wikiquote on July 11, 2019 ...
এডিটাথনের চিত্র
17 contestants took part in that editathon.
They added 246 quotes.

Our Wikimedia projects are not yet very popular in Bengali. Bengali Wikibook has three or four active members. Bengali Wikivoyage has not been sorted out yet. In the meantime, the activities of Wikiquote may seem seem a bit of a hassle. But in fact, as such Wikiquote is required, similarly its functionality is also much easier.

There is no such thing as styling up or template manual. There is no special problem for any particular mistake. Just add and edit quotes (it is not necessary to look at a thousand aspects in one subject). And administratively reviewing copyright and quotability.

The application for Wikiquote Bangla was submitted on December 7, 2007. Granted December 19, 2007 as eligable. The application was not accepted because of translation of MediaWiki messages. The project has been without maintenance since 2011 after coming to the incubator.

Never worked in an Incubator?

Newcomers can view this tutorial for how to create articles on incubator Or can check here. Leave a message at village pump on any issues. (Help pages in Bengali)

Contribute a little!
  • If you are a regular Wikiuktian, you should add at least one entry or quote per day. You need to have at least 100 edits per month. It would be better if the number is more than this.
  • If it is not possible to become a regular Wikiuktian, do at least 20 edits a month.
  • Are you translating or editing a Wikipedia page about a personality, place or theme? Translate the quotes from the English Wikiquote into the Bengali Wikiquote in the incubator.

Message or email me any problems.

এই পাতাটি বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়ায় দেখুন।