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I sincerely welcome you to visit. I was born in 1955, a theologian, a pastor of the Presbyterian Church, and a descendant of an independent movment of Korea. I am currently serving the Korean Theological Society and several commemorative projects and publishing the Theological Society. I joined Wikipedia on August 1, 2009. In the same year, he created a Calvin500 user manual for Calvin's 500th anniversary celebration. I studied Calvin's hermeneutics, but there is a lack of knowledge about other fields. I would like to share my knowledge, principles and method of learning with joy while participating in Wikipedia. I am a person who is concerned about the fact that religion harms society. That's not the same style as Emile Durkheim, but it's closer to Max Weber. Also, the individual is moral, but Rinhold Niebhur, who said that evil is amplifying in the group, is always wary of the warning given in "Moral Man and Immoral Society" (1932). Religious people want to have a warm heart and a cool mind to care for their neighbors. I try to teach you to love your neighbors, but I always confess my lack. I hope that the wiki's information will leave the universal feasibility for humanity and true humanity's cultural heritage right. I am delighted to be part of your wonderful service. I am interested in writing about theology of Christianity, theology, philosophy, sociology, hermeneutics, Christian culture, theological laboratories, religious reformers, and Calvin. I hope that the contents we produce will be presented as accurate information that is needed by all people for the benefit of the public. Thank you.


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