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Information about my proposals for the Rapid Grants Program of the Wikimedia Foundation. The proposals are first discussed in Spanish Wikipedia (phase A, in Spanish) and then open to other projects through this page (phase B).


In phase B, brief opinions, supports or rejections are collected, so that regular users of projects other than Spanish Wikipedia express their interest in the proposals being carried out in them as well, and at the same time they can be contacted to mediate in the necessary steps to do so. For extensive feedback for the proposals, please use the phase A pages in Spanish Wikipedia.

All comments will be taken into account in deciding what proposals to make formally, the order in which to do so and the projects included. Even if successive phases and blocks are opened, the pages will remain open to new contributions indefinitely, except for those proposals where there is another more specific or adequate page to discuss further.


Block 1 (in progress)
  • Phase A (from 2019-02-10): Preliminary discussion in Wikipedia in Spanish
  • Phase B (from 2019-02-24): Inclusion of other projects
Block 2
  • Preliminary discussion of complex issues in Spanish Wikipedia
  • Phase A
  • Phase B